Powerful Reporting Made EASY - Drag & Drop

Just as Canva changed the game for graphic design, Futrli are changing the game for business reporting.

Create reports and KPIs that you need with our new drag and drop feature, delivering confidence, customisation and flexibility at your fingertips.

Download now to learn how to dive into the operational guts of a business by:

  • Drag and drop reporting 
  • Formula driven KPIs
  • Custom reporting building without the need for a data-analytics degree
  • Combined reporting and dashboarding 
  • Printed PDF reports 
  • Scheduled email reporting

"Futrli is a powerful, intuitive, and easy to use application that helps me add to the value I give my clients whether it be metrics, financial reporting, or cash flow projection. The staff are very responsive and super helpful. I highly recommend to accountants and CPAs that need a powerful tool to help them provide insight into their client's business."

George Ballis

Expedient Accounting


"Great software that helps explain what is happening with the figures. You can build charts, and graphics, import non financial data and bring the reports to life which is great for providing advisory services."

Eliot Tylerwaddington

Tyler-Waddington Accounting

Reporting Benefits and Features

Time-saving template drag and drop

Building a report should be as easy as child’s play. Futrli’s report templates are single and multi-page report collections that will give you out of the box reporting power.


Create formula KPIs from every data point

With every data point exposed for your use, the reporting formula builder is the most powerful in the marketplace. Future and historical datasets are in play as well giving you the greatest insights available.

Flexibility with drag and drop chart and table widgets

The reporting widget library is a collection of pre-made charts and tables to get your reports looking amazing with a quick drag and drop. Use our community widgets and create your own to share across your workspace.


Harness the power of data with the drag and drop pivot table builder

Everyone loves a pivot table. Their simplicity and power are second to none, so we’ve built our report builder around this concept. Historical and future data sets, non-financial information, drivers and predictions are all available to you as you build.

Efficiency gains: scheduling of reports

Any report can be set to hit your team, client or investor's inbox on the schedule you dictate. There’s even an optional review step you can make use of, so you can sense check before it's emailed.


Complete styling flexibility

No need for white labelling as reporting themes, colour customisation and table styling are at your fingertips. For businesses, set up once, and you’re good to go. For accounting firms, set up your firm theme and your clients’ themes for that added dash of professionalism.

Export to PDF and save to your PDF library

If you’ve built a portrait or landscape report, you will want to print it. Set paper sizes, margins and background colour or images to your text, charts and tables for a clean and professional report PDF that will also be saved to your document library for continued download.


Combined dashboards and reports for ease of use

Reporting and dashboards are effectively the same thing - a collection of insights and commentary about business performance.

Switch portrait, landscape or dashboard canvases in one click, and change background colours, margins, and paper sizes.

Our customers get amazing results

Thousands of accountants trust Futrli to help them reach their business goals

“It's a kick-ass app because it works beautifully.”

Willem Harrhoff, DoughGetters

“Futrli have been fantastic and Predict has been beneficial to both my practice and my clients.”

Sharon Hirsch, Argus Accounting

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