Where Cash Flow Forecast Templates Fall Short

Cash flow forecast templates have long been a staple of the
accounting profession.

Firms have traditionally relied on these tools to peek into their clients’ future, determining how much cash they’ll have and when.

However, these tools have typically left a lot to be desired—and there’s now a better way for accountants to generate forward-thinking cash flow predictions.

Download the article to learn where cash flow forecasts fall short and why firms should instead turn to forward-thinking prediction software.



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Don't just provide your clients with a forecast - Predict their future.

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Sales and spend is analyzed

Predict makes this easy by instantly generating predictions across the sales, costs of sales and expense accounts.

It automatically analyzes every single historical transaction in each account line to understanding customer behaviours, trends, seasonality, COVID anomalies, cash impact & more.

Predicted Expenses 1
All Above

Payments are analyzed

Predict analyses each customer to create a live prediction for their future payments so you know their impact on the business.

Any outstanding or due invoices/bills are automatically brought into Predict from Xero or QBO every day. These can be easily managed for short term cash management.

Due invoices and bills for short-term cash flow

If you see the cash impact of changing the payment dates of bills that are owed, or invoices that are due, you can help your clients to get control, change arrangements and stay afloat.

Due Invoices Bills (2)
All Above (1)

Sales tax is accurately predicted

Every prediction has the most accurate sales tax calculations possible. And on top of that there is a live prediction of the next payment or if a refund is due.

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Client thinking about launching a new service or product?

Accurately predict sales ramp, costs, expenses and revenue

Expanding their team?

Easy PAYE forecasting including all benefits & hiring costs

Launching a marketing campaign?

Model conversion rates, PPC spend across all social platforms

Want to expand into further sites or offices?

Add rates, fees, expenses and revenue lines instantly
Gsheet Step 5
Repeating Prediction_CLIP-1

Add to predictions with your own ideas about the future

Repeating forecasts
Use when you want to see the impact of a repeating amounts on the bottom line

Unit forecasts
Use when you want to forecast a new product, service or price change's sales or costs

Freestyle forecasts
Enter simple monthly figures for increases or decreases in revenue or spend

Complex journals are automated

Predict looks for journals in your client's accounting data and creates future journals for each of them, automatically.



Access pre-built report templates or build your own using the drag and drop canvas. Add limitless charts, graphs, tables and text boxes for reporting flexibility. 

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